Leather Interiors

We are able to offer  manufacturers original designs, these designs mirror the original design and colour precisely.
If you prefer to opt for a personalised design  we also offer a  complete individual design service,  which will give you the freedom to tailor your design  to your own specification.
This service is available for all makes and models, we offer a unique selection of the finest quality hides in a wide range of colours, which can be combined with contrasting materials and thread.
All of our interiors are manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards, ensuring complete peace of mind, especially where airbags and SRS  systems are fitted.

Our Expertise

New Car installation 80
Dashboards and panels 90
Classic Car Seats 85
Leather Repairs & replacment 60

some work we done…

Ferrari F355 seats
Ferrari F355 seatsSport seats
2 seats for a F355, as original retrimed.
Custom design stitching
Custom design stitchingStitching
Here’s your chance to make a statement. These interiors are created by our professional designers to match the unique personality of each vehicle.
original colours and materials available
original colours and materials available
interiors match the exact factory specifications for fit and color. combinations we know will transform your car into something unique and special.
Luxury car interiors
Luxury car interiorsLeather
No matter which style you choose, you can be sure of one thing: our quality and craftsmanship are the best in the business. It’s in our genes, our culture.